"We believe joining TIMM is an important part of our plan to expand and strengthen" explains Sal Espoito, SkyAuction's COO.
"It gives us access to tremendous amounts of expertise and experience, while still allowing us to maintain our own independence."

The group is associated with the World Wide Travel Alliance Marketing Group, with members in the IK, Europe, Asia, Japan, Arabian Gulf, Australia and New Zealand.

US Client Base Includes:

  • Morris Communications
  • Where Magazine
  • Greater Fort Lauderdale CVM
  • M. Silver Associates
  • NY Water Taxi
  • I.T.C. International Travel Communications
  • Silverjet
  • Davler Media Group
  • Manhattan Living Magazine
  • I.T.T. Italian Tour Team
  • Air Brook Limousine
  • Picasso Travel
  • Delta Airlines
  • Capricorn Leisure
  • Manhattan by Sail
  • Voyager Airlines
  • EMG Advertising
  • Nicholas & Lence Communications, LLC
  • inMedia