What We Do:

♦ Strategic Planning

♦ Research/Brand Identity and Development

♦ General and Interactive

♦ Media

♦ Advertising/Design and Graphic Identity

♦ Direct Marketing

♦ Custom Publishing

♦ Interactive Marketing

♦ Database Marketing

♦ Partnership Marketing

♦ Marketing Promotions

♦ Loyalty Programs

♦ Public Relations

♦ Consulting Services

Tour, Travel, Transportation Management & Marketing Specialists

The TIMM Group, LLC is an independent marketing and Management Consulting group with key focus on Transportation, Travel and Tourism Marketing and Management. The group is headed by John J. Ruzich, OBE.

We provide integrated marketing services for forward-thinking travel and leisure brands including SkyAuction.com, Picasso Travel, Where Magazine. TIMM features a unique senior team of movers, shakers, and thinkers from inside and outside the travel industry, and from both the client and agency sides. We offer a business first, results-oriented approach driven by research, strategic insight, and an outstanding creative product. We combine big agency branding expertise with a consultant's understanding of the travel and leisure category. We work hard, pay attention to detail, and love what we do.


We are not in the advertising business.
We are not in the direct marketing business.
We are not in the Internet business, or the TV, radio, CRM, or billboard business.
We are in the conversation business.

Our job is to start a conversation - that leads to a dialogue that leads to a transaction that leads to a continuing relationship. Sometimes the conversation starts with a brand positioning. Sometimes with a TV spot. Or a interstitial on the web. Or a custom magazine. Or a mime in lederhosen juggling ferrets on a street corner. It doesn't matter exactly how we say hello. The important thing is to get the conversation started, and keep it going.